I made this because I wanted to have an easy way of comparing lists against the steam library. I thought that other people might also benefit from this so I decided to share it with all of you.

That was months ago. A lot has happened, we moved to a new domain, you gave me suggestions and found bugs, some of you even donated. I want to thank everyone for their support.

What can you do here?

  • Compare a text list against the steam database, your steam games and your steam wishlist
  • See which games have steamcards.
  • Filter results
  • Get a clean text list back

Log in trough the steam api


Manually enter a steam handle

Update 14

  • New button:
    Wishlist button added to show a clean wishlist.
  • Fixed wishlist loading.

Update 13

  • New buttons:
    copy button is replaced by its html5 version, added excel and pdf export.
  • Fixed percentage counter during the compare.

Update 12

  • Pastebin intregration:
    Load lists directly from pastebin. To use add pastebin=pastebincode to the adress.
    For example: http://www.compare2steam.com/?pastebin=GfSt0tmE

Update 11

  • Solved issues with slow processing, now everything should go much smoother.
  • Updated all metadata.

Update 10

  • Fix: set more time to get resources, should solve any issues with large datasets.
  • Updated and streamlined steam card data.

Update 9

  • Recently had some issues with the domain, I want to thank everybody who contacted me.
  • Also thanks to killerbee I could smash several bugs.

Update 8

  • Changed look and added descriptive texts.
  • Moved quicknav and some other stuff around.
  • Replaced raw button with a auto-copy to clipboard.
  • Smartsearch replaces the filters. With the smartsearch you can filter and sort.
  • Added user and metacritic ratings.

Update 7

  • Added quicknav after comparison.
  • Added clear input button.
  • Added percentage inside the compare button during the processing.

Update 6

  • Added wishlist to the comparison.
  • Moved some bits around.
  • Added filters for steam cards and wishlist.

Update 5

  • Added easy hotlink (top right).
  • Moved to own webspace (no more redirect, so update bookmarks).

Update 4

  • Added check for steam cards.
  • Minor bugfix (text size on partials).

Update 3

  • Total revamp of layout.
  • Separated categories and Added more colors.
  • Added moving of partial matches.
  • Search for non-matches.
  • Added raw tab, help and a summary.
  • Updated search engine & Moved to own domain.

Update 2

  • Added deromanization; ie Syberia II is found as Syberia 2.
  • added login trough community profile. No password needed.

Update 1

  • Partials will now show green if you own the game, and will show the rest of the finds coupled to it.
  • The "z" bug is fixed.
  • Build crosschecks to remove duplicates.
  • Build crosschecks to remove duplicates.